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We offer our clients Same Day Delivery. Turnaround Time : 4-6hrs, 6-12hrs, 12-18hrs. Pricing will depends on delivery time.


We Offer Special Discount, If you have bulk images (Min 500+) or larger project. Contact us for details.

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We can provide you Dedicated Team, if you have Big volume Project (Min 10000 Image) on regular basis.

Headshot Retouching services

Face the problem of digital headshot retouching of your photos? Need it to be done quickly and naturally? Fix The Photo has a new service for actors, photographers, agents, studios and models providing digital headshot retouching according all photography standards.

Are you looking for high-quality headshot retouching services? We provide top-rated headshot photo editing services, ensuring clarity of your facial features and tiny details. Our experts at PGBS have an extensive experience in digital manipulation of photographs and can enhance the quality of your photos to the maximum possible level.

Headshots are intended to convey your character. I do color balancing, adjust lighting levels, correct blemishes, naturally minimize wrinkles and do contour shadowing and shading to bring the focus on your face and expression. All while keeping a natural, real look. I am efficient, yet very detailed.

Our team provides retouching headshot support which usually takes about 2 office days. The aim of this service is to clean the final headshot of flaws, zits, under-eye circles, stray hairs, yellow teeth, visible scars, skin smoothing, including removal of face shine, grease, sweat, etc. Removing or replacing the background on the headshot is an additional technique, which also can be applied.

This type of headshot retouch should always be made carefully. You will not receive your headshots look like a porcelain doll. Amateur photographer can spend painstaking hours retouching headshots realistic, but our specialists can do it better, faster and for affordable rate. Our retouchers will help you to forget about wrinkles, acnes, zits, visible scars, pigmentation marks and dark spots on your photos.

Teeth looking dull and yellow in your head shots? Use our headshot editing service which can quickly whiten teeth and brighten your smiles with Photoshop. How to make a headshot look professional in Photoshop are obviously our main goal and the teeth whitening is a real challenge for photographers, but not for photo trims. To whiten one’s teeth in headshots is the most frequently asked request we receive every day.

Headshot Service Required For

In a nutshell, most people have a natural inclination to look best when in a photograph. This is the most fundamental reason why people take the pain to hire a professional headshot photo retouching services provider, pay them and make them retouch the image so that they look great and dashing

In order to get the best model photographs, there are a few prerequisites. Experienced headshot photographers can greatly help you by creating exceptionally unique, impressive and deep images. However, even after getting the best image possible, carrying out an adequate refining process improves the image’s artistic value. Headshot retouching is the digital manipulation technique to your portrait photographs which increases the artistic value and impression. We offer you the best possible retouching services. By headshot retouch, we mean to create a lifelike photography keeping in front the hard work of the photographers. As a professional headshot photographer, you can take our portrait retouching service and represent your images like repros. Photoshop portrait retouch is the ultimate photo manipulation that does a lot of areas taken care of. You may suggest, imagine or make some comprising list that you want to add. Photoshop has opened all the imaginary stuff to retouch your photo. Things you can add/change/alter to your photographs:

  • To Brighten the eyes and eyes areas
  • For Perfect looking skin, skin smoothing
  • For Body slimming/reshaping
  • For Teeth whitening/remove braces
  • To Adjust lighting contrast
  • For Change background
  • Adding effects to photo

Workflow in Headshot Retouching Services

It’s very easy to take head shot style photos by a photographer or someone you know who takes good photos. Click the photos at the style you like. Keep in mind that your headshot has to convey your personality. Click the photo and then choose a Headshot retouch service. Without retouch, your headshot will look average. You don’t want to look average, do you?

We provide professional headshot retouch and we would love to see you amazed how we do it. We make a bad image look great and a great image look greater. As we always say, our services are mainly focused at helping small creative business clients with their design ideas/needs and we want to create eye-catching promotional work for our clients to help them reflect who they are, at an affordable price. We work closely with our clients to smoothly implement the jobs. Our main focus is providing exceptional customer service.

  • Brightening of eyes and the surrounding areas
  • Reshaping or slimming of body
  • Teeth whitening
  • Removal of braces
  • Skin smoothening
  • Adding effects
  • An eye catching made from normal pictures
  • Changing background

Benefits of Headshot Retouch

There are many careers that can get benefited from a good headshot; it is quite hard to list them all. For example Doctors, lawyers, realtors, corporate executives, and journalists almost always require a great headshot. For their models, actors, and singers – in fact, any performer — using a killer headshot is an essential

Portrait Photos:

One of the most common kinds of photo retouching is the kind employed when taking portrait photos. With photo retouching, a digital artist can take a portrait photo and correct any skin blemishes or uneven skin tones. This kind of photo retouching is the secret to flawless images that we see gracing the covers of magazines day in and day out.

Old to New:

When it comes to printed photographs, there is a tendency for the images to lose quality and clarity as time goes by. The photos can also be marred by scratches or color fading due to over or under exposure to sunlight. Photo retouching makes it possible for the oldest photos in the family album to return to their former glory and luster.

Color Splash:

Photo retouching has become so advanced that it is now capable of taking the oldest black and white photographs and turning them into colored images. Despite the fact that it is adding color to a photograph, there are no sacrifices made to the quality and clarity of the original image.

Sample Work of Headshoot Retouching

Headshot Retouching Services
Headshot Retouching Services
Headshot Retouching Services

Headshoot Retouching Pricing

Headshot Retouching Services

Basic Retouch

The attributes of objects under Simple Images are less curve, straight form, easy shape and mere details such as books, mugs, spoons, frames etc.

1.00 - 3.50$
Headshot Retouching Services

Basic Retouch

The attributes of objects under Simple Images are less curve, straight form, easy shape and mere details such as books, mugs, spoons, frame etc.

1.00 - 3.00$
Headshot Retouching Services

Basic Retouch

The attributes of objects under Simple Images are less curve, straight form, easy shape and mere details such as books, mugs, spoons, frames etc.

2.00 - 3.00$
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