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Please read it carefully before submitting your job. Here is the full guide about phototrims.com full terms and condition. It hope all of our service in your favor. There no any condition that can made effect to submit your project. There is ful ldetails about what you have to do and how we work , as example how many time we need and how you get special offer. In this term phototrims have not any benefit actually all of these condition is about your oportuanity in phototrims and what expect phototrims from you


A company who provide world best work quality all over the world is called PHOTOTRIMS. It is not only a company it's a brant. It want to be the best photo editing company in world

Information About Us

Phototrims.com is an online outsourcing firm specialized in image manipulation and serving the global market since 2012. Phototrims is the second to none in Bangladesh in providing image editing services. It has already been able to draw the attention of giant clients and has got the working experiences with them. The demand of the services of Phototrims is increasing day by day specally in terms of image manupulations.Now we have hundreds of satisfied customers with some regular loyal clients. We as a team are always ready to carry out for your all Graphic Design and Image Editing services according to your requirements. We can certainly promise that you will feel awesome to work with us and be able to differentiate us from other service providers. You will get your business solutions which actually you are looking for. Our quite professional support team and trained-up designers are enthusiastic to render the services in a superb manner. Our more than 100 staffs are always working together to deliver the best work to the clients. We work constantly to keep the faith and underscore the clients’ images and consider ourself that we are part and parcel of clients’ business.

In Bangladesh, we have built our base production team. We initiated our journey started in 2011. Our perpetual obligation is to stringently meet your demand and facilitate the maximum level of quality. That’s not all we also hire part-time designers when editing loads are even higher when new project come.

We should discuss our photograph altering venture. We coordinate Graphic Designers, Image Editing specialists, SEO talented people, effective site engineers and a group of specialists for specialized help. From that point, our group is amalgamated into a firm substance instilled with the ethos of value. We offer capability and finish administration to our significant clients. We generally need to fabricate our organization certainty higher. In this manner, our three-move gave bolster group works to boost your business potential. Likewise, we work to convey on time and be effective as far as tending to your requirements. Our round the clock online group is effortlessly available to answer your inquiries in the most expert way

Specification and prices

We offer a good price to our client. As a low labor country located we can provide the cheapest price than other developed country. For this reason we are most popular. Every client find a better quality at a cheap rate and they have got all of their requirment to our company. Actually our price is out of your think. You can visit our pricing.

In case if you find any foult in editing you can resubmit your job and We have no extra price to re-edit the previous job.


As a client you can submit any image with any number. we provide extra discunt for a large project in minimum 2000 Image and also provide a dedicated team. even you can submit a small project with 5-10 photo also

phototrims try to keep client image in unic. No copyright issu can involve with phototrims. If you find any copyrigh t claim you can complain us. we reserve the right to suspend the viewing, display of any images until the issue has been figured out.



Payment and refund:

Our prices are quoted in US dollars ($) for customers around the world.
Our price and packages will guide you through the reference only. Pricing may change according to the complexity of the images. It is totally dependent on the specific requirement of submitted projects of the clients. Furthermore, it is also dependent on the limiting time for completing the projects.
Definition of Complexity:
The ways we define the complexity of an image, are-
Image contain lots of hole, spaces, dots, wrinkles, spots, hair fur etc.
Old images are fully or partially- tore, ripped, burnt, soaked
Image contains lots of details
Area of the image is large


Billing Information:

we accept payment by PayPal. PayPal is our co-operator and the safest and most secure way to pay online. If you have a PayPal account, you can pay from your account directly.
At the beginning of project
At the end of the project when editing is done. In that case, you should pay first to download your images.
Area of the image is large



In the event of being displeased with our work, a refund will NOT be issued. In that case, you can demand your instructions within 7 days of delivery. We will be happy to redo your same photos for free. We are always ready to high-end revision for free as long as your revision request follows below terms:
- The first consideration of ours is the time. We accept revision request within 7 days afterwards completion of the order. If you do not request for revision within 7 days, automatically your chance of getting revision will be cancelled. Later on, you have to place a new order for editing the same photos. - It is instructed that revision should NOT be contradictory to the original instructions of editing photos when the order was placed. - If you demand bulk revision, you need to contact us immediately and make a negotiation with us. If you get in touch within 7 business days, complex image editing can be made easily. - CC makes no warranty that our services will fulfil all your requirements or completed photos will meet the prospect of yours.


Free trial:

We offer our visitors a free trial for the professional photographers or other agency of photographic society.
Our offer includes the service of simple photo retouching, photo recolouring, clipping path, background remove, teeth enhancement, skin retouching, jewellery retouching, exposure adjustment, image masking, wrinkles remove, object remove and so on.
We do NOT offer any photo manipulation to the highest complex level.
You must provide all the information Full Name, Email, Phone, Country, Service- (Clipping Path, Background Remove, Multi-Path, Image Masking, Shadow Making, Ghost Mannequin, Cropping & Resizing, Image Recoloring, Headshot Retouching), Total Image in the Project, Instructions. After your details being verified, you will get the completed image with our signature. As we have provided our time, you agree that we may use your free sample and before-after comparison with a photo credit to you in our portfolio/social media. And we do not claim any copyright to the completed photos by free trial.


Revision policy:

We provide 3 rounds of revision within days of placing an order. These 3 rounds of revision are free if this action happens within 7 days. Revision should not conflict with the original instruction when you placed an order. After all the 3 rounds of revision, you will be asked to pay more for the service you are asking. And we are not making any warranty that our services will provide all your expectation always.

Photo replacement:

We do not accept photo replacement after the order is placed. If you send the image wrong, you should not ask us to edit another photo editing for free as a replacement. And it is your responsibility for the consequences of sending the wrong images. Through any means, you want to replace your photos, you can contact us. And settle the dispute with us. As we want to provide the Flexible.


We always offer our client negotiations. Disputes can occur from the beginning of the project to the completing. But we believe in the settlement. You can contact us immediately as you want to settle the pricing for bulk image editing for long-term or project. If there is any dispute, we happily offer our clients' settlement about contractual disputes.


Cancellation and Termination of Business:

phototrims reserves the right to cancel the business order/service or terminate the deal or suspend the account at any time without recourse to the courts.

We will suspend an account or terminate business if we get the proof of it has been used that propose abuse of our service. We will also suspend your account if you are challenging a payment that you have made to us. And asking the cancellation of a running project without an accurate reason will terminate the business.



As this Terms of Service may be changed from time to time, you are bound to keep in agreement with the update. You are continued to use our service by understanding the Terms of Service and any updates. Any violation of these arrangements may result in termination of your account and project.