Free Trial Policy.

What is important to Our Free Trial Policy?

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We offer a free trail with 1/2 photo for any photographer or any company. Free trial is to justify a companies ability. It also measures the quality of work that a company can provide to the clients. For the most part of the best photo editing company. The qualities of image for free trial editing are mentioned below:


As free trial images, we do all kinds of image editing. To illustrate, basic image editing can be done by us at free of cost to vindicate our image editing experience for a free trial. phototrims providing Clipping path, Background remove, Photo masking, Shadow making, Ghost mannequin, Image recoloring, teeth enhancement, skin retouching, jewellery retouching, exposure adjustment, Photo crop and image editing, e-commerce image solutions and other photo retouching services.


Whatever the image editing services you are required by free trial you can get it done within 24 hours. We are accustomed to doing the image editing services fast and flawlessly.


You must provide all the information regarding your company information, name, address, website link to upload 1 (one) image. After your details being verified, you will get the completed image with our signature. As we have provided our time, you agree that we may use your free sample and before-after comparison with a photo credit to you in our portfolio/social media. And we do NOT claim any copyright to completed photos by our clients.


The images which you have edited by free trial are always a free cost.

Type of project:

We offer to our client one free trial simple image, We appreciate simple image for photo editing. We do not want any complex image to edit as a free trial. We only prefer only one service for each photograph as a free trial. If the client wants to edit an image by two or services she/he needs to contact with us. If the clients want to order a bulk amount of images for editing, she/he can only then request for more services implementing in an image.

Number of photos:

We offer 1/2 image for per free trial. Added to this in a free trial clients can ask for only a photo editing service, Furthermore, clients can request for more photo editing in an image on condition. For condition please read our : Terms Of Services


If the mentioned points are not understandable or you feel any hesitation to the meaning of the sentences you are requested to Contact us. For more information, you send us e-mail at