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Photo Trims is an Image Manipulating Service Provider. Our main corporate office is situated in the United Kingdom. And our production house is situated in Bangladesh.
The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales certifies that Photo Trims is an all kinds of photo post production services provider private company incorporated under the Companies Act 2007.
For image editing in our production studio use the latest Adobe image editing software to edit images. And we always provide 100% handmade PhotoTrims and related services.
Yes, we can. We can edit photos to the requirement of Amazon and eBay. We have some trusted clients who are working with us to edit photos as demand of Amazon and eBay for years.
For big volume data transfer, we offer a personal FTP account. Moreover, if you wish you can use third party data transfer method like we Transfer, Dropbox, YouSendIt or whichever you prefer the most..
PayPal is our first choice but you can also send us payment via credit cards, wire PIN transfer (up to 4500$). Also we accept direct bank transfer for our regular and well-known clients.
Our usual pay period is after the end of the project (for small project). But for regular clients, our pay period may be weekly or monthly. We fix it after the discussion with our clients. Our pay period does not exceed a month.
Photo Trims provide any kind of photo editing service like background remove, clipping path, masking, shadowing, Retouch, Photo manipulation, photo cutout etc.
We use the latest photo editing software such as, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Photoshop CS6 plug-ins, and PTGUI Pro, amongst others.
Yes, we have large experienced team to perform photo restoration services and image modification services for commercial photos.
Yes, all you need to do is just send us your slides and negatives, and we will scan them. We can use your slides and negatives to make any changes you need.
No, we take care not to alter or damage your original photo. All our image editing services are conducted digitally, and after finishing the editing or restoration work, we will send you the unmodified original photo as well.
Basically we work 15+ hours in 2 shift and support our customer 24 hours.
Yes, once we complete the work, we will send you the completed images. After having a look at the images, you can suggest changes to our image editing team. They will work on the requested changes and send the revised images.

Security & Support Questions

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Our production house is situated in low labor cost region. We can complete your project done by our dedicated photo editing experts at low cost. Thus, you get the professional editing and retouching at the best competitive rate.
Yes, we generally use one account for only one client only. For this reason, our client’s images remain safe. For more information please read our Privacy Policy.
Photo Trims keeps all the images in a secured way. As we know images are valuable to our clients. We do sometimes use images for our website as our portfolio. It happens after taking the permission from the respective clients. For more information please read our Privacy Policy.
In general our support team is online for 24×7×365. On the other side, Sunday is our off day. On emergency case or busy schedule, our designers are agreed to work even at weekend.
Yes, if you need our production also on Weekend or International holidays then we are always able to provide. In that case some conditions will be applied.
Yes, we cordially appreciate you for the joint venture. If your project needs any especial team, we can arrange a team of dedicated designer. We always take extra care of those type of clients.