What is Photo Retouching?

Whenever you work with products, images of models, natural images, etc. the photo retouching service is a very essential part. By using professional photo retouching, it is possible to increase the beauty of any type of image greatly and increase the glamour of the products. 

 In this way, we can make any type of product defect and recovery of damaged area with the removal of objects, the work of adding objects keeping the original shape to increase the glamour. 

Photo Retouching Categories and Procedures: 

Digital photo retouching can be of various categories. For example- dust, spot, scratches, etc, are removed from the product surface.

 1. Different type of product support removal

2. Glue removal

3. Stand removal

4. Clip removal

5. String removal

6. Doll/Maniqueen removal

7. Pattern removal 

As some additional objects are used in the frame of the image or as a support for shooting while maintaining the shape of the product, perspective, it is necessary to remove those additional objects. For example:

Different types of product support removal

  • Glue removal
  • Stand removal
  • Clip removal
  • String removal
  • Doll/Mannequin removal
  • Pattern removal etc. are performed to make the product visible

Tools used for photo retouch


1. patch tool 

Once a retouch has a great photo, the first thing you have to do is clean up the imperfections. In portrait photography, some of the most common imperfections can be a scar, spots, veins in the eyes, age spots and hair lost in the face or redness. Experts often use the Photoshop patch tool for this. 

 2.Burn and dodge the tool 

To do this, a retouch cleans the whites, lightens the iris, darkens the eyelashes, darkens the eyeliner for the ladies, lightens the bone under the eyebrow, brightens the corner of the eyes and darkens or fills the eyebrows. The general rule here is to do what a woman would try to do with makeup to improve natural characteristics. Therefore, excessive use of this tool can destroy your image. 

3.Hue / saturation 

Whiter teeth can make a smile look alive. Even if a portrait image already has white teeth, the designer usually edits the hue / saturation a bit so that the teeth shine in the photograph. 

4.Noise filter and Gaussian blur 

The key to this is not to overdo it and make the skin look like plastic surgery. Less is more! Be sure not to soften the lines around the noise, dimples or smile lines.

 5.Curves mask layer and levels 

Lastly, color correction. Color correction is important. It is the difference between a boring photo and a photo that appears. A graphic designer likes to use the curved layer mask over the mask of the exposure layer because he has much more control over the RBG channels. The level layer mask is also sometimes needed when the measurement in the photo is not perfect. 

Advantages of image retouching 

Despite taking excellent photographs with a quality digital camera, sometimes it is necessary to retouch the photographs to adapt them to your photography business. This is when he is driven by the desire to turn his image into an art of transforming it into a completely new image so that it can attract attention. 

It is necessary to retouch the photos to increase their attractiveness and quality, thus improving their value. Attractive products are important, as they will attract potential customers, which in turn will increase your billing. The attractiveness of an image can be improved by correcting the color, adjusting the poor lighting of the image or restoring an image to its original color.


The retouching of images can be used to add elements of improvements in order to transform an uninteresting photo into a striking exhibition. Such improvements include increasing or decreasing the contrast, trimming according to professional standards and eliminating reflections. 

The photo retouch can be used to hide or eliminate unwanted details that divert attention from the subject you want to emphasize. These details can keep potential customers away. Eliminating those excessive funds will not only improve the focus of the image, but also create an excellent first impression for any potential client.

You can use the retouching of an image to retouch an earlier image that could have been subject to depreciation. This is when the colors of the photo have faded or lost tonality over time, have wrinkles, ripped or have missing areas. Editing such photos will eradicate the disparagement of your products or make them inappropriate. 

While retouching photos, a designer should consider the final format of an image because many image readers do not support all types of formatting. Anyway, the retouching of images is a very popular image editing service for e-commerce, the magazine, the catalog, the banner and the design of dvertisements.